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What is Advata?

Advata is a business intelligence tool that gives the sales person the ability to build quality lists, quickly. All it takes is a keyword search, a couple clicks, and an export. It’s the
Advata Advantage!

How does it work?

Advata is a Chrome extension that conducts a web search. Just download the extension to your Chrome browser, search via the extension, click on the prospects you wish to add, they appear in your app, then click export. Want to see how it works?

Free Trial!

We believe it’s best to try it before you buy it. All the features, none of the cost. Add prospects with a single click and sort them in the app. Its easy, efficient, and better yet it’s free!

Why Advata?

Having weak leads and bad data is frustrating. Especially when leads can cost an arm and a leg. At Advata, we want to make list building simple and cost effective. We aim to empower the sales person to build lists that fit their needs. Feel the Advantage!