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How to help the population of a country fight diabetes. We shared the secrets.

Written by Rohan D’Souza, VP, Product speaking at the CII Health Summit on 06 Dec 2018

At the CII Health Summit in New Delhi, Rohan D’Souza showcased how ML can help fight the risk of diabetes

Can machine learning and data science help a nation fight diabetes and make its population more active and healthier. Rohan D’Souza addressed a gathering of government delegates, healthcare professionals, academicians and entrepreneurs at the CII Health Summit in New Delhi, India.

Speaking around how to use machine learning to identify patients at the risk of diseases, he shared how KenSci is making it possible to identify and prevent diabetes early with activity recommendations and identification of patients with the highest risk of early onset diabetes.




Rohan’s talk was received enthusiastically with audience members engaging in a question and answer session as well as deep conversations on AI and its impact on healthcare.

You can catch his presentation here.

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