How much revenue is caught in your accounts receivable (AR)? In many healthcare organizations, up to 85% of accounts remain unworked. That leaves up to 4% or more of cash unrealized from AR. The longer it sits there, the less likely you are to capture it. In addition, many organizations find that their traditional methods of managing AR are just not enough.

Smart AR combines the advanced analytic tools and experience you need to capture more cash from your AR.

How much? Advata typically automates 25%-50% of AR management activity on behalf of its clients, adding hundreds of person-hours of productivity per month.  This is an area that is typically understaffed and difficult for healthcare providers to optimize without such technology. 

The productivity improvements result in both labor savings (typically hundreds of person-hours per month) and improvement in net revenue performance (0.5% - 1% improvement to the bottom line).  Over the past 8 years, Advata technology has generated more than $500M of net revenue and cost savings improvements on behalf of its clients.

In just 30 days, Advata's Discovery process can analyze your data and create a detailed Roadmap showing how Smart AR can automate processes and guide staff to optimize your AR.
Advata's RCM Roadmap will show you:
  • The next recommended action on every account in your AR
  • The impact of automating AR to capture more revenue
  • The influence of guiding staff to high return accounts

With Advata Smart AR, you can put your money and effort where the ROI is!

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