New Year New Leads

New Year New Leads

It’s that magical time of year again! It’s that special festive time of the year when half the office seems to go missing either on long vacations or just taking half days to go shopping. Although, the people that are actually there working are either scrambling to get the books shored up for the end of the year or are in a heated debate on which Christmas song will be played next on the office radio.

The point is, this time of year can be extremely hectic as there are ample distractions to keep you from the task at hand, especially if that task is prospecting for new business. In order to keep the pipeline fresh, you’re much better off doing some prep work ahead of time so you’re ready to go for the New Year. There’s no need to panic though, this is the perfect time of year to get a jump-start on your prospecting! Doing some extra preparation on prospecting for the new-year can be easier than you might think. More often than not you’ll find that it’s actually easier to get ahold of the correct decision makers, one reason is due to the increase of absences by admins and gatekeepers. Advata can be a useful tool along the way as it can help uncover, as well as organize, leads and prospects that might have been overlooked the previous year.

Sure, you may not have much luck inking a new deal these next couple of weeks but this is when you set the table for next year and get contacts and appointments lined up and primed for the next year. Also, you’ll be surprised to find that people are generally in better spirits because of the holidays and might be more willing to schedule that meeting that had been eluding you all year long.

Happy Holidays and Happy Sales!


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