Advata’s Julie Rezek Earns Female Executive of the Year Honors in 2022 TITAN Women in Business Awards



January 2, 2023 (Bellevue, WA) — Julie Rezek, CEO of Advata, an advanced analytics software company improving decision-making and optimizing administrative efficiencies in healthcare, is honored as a Platinum winner in the “Female Executive of the Year” category of the 2022 TITAN Women in Business Awards. The 2022 TITAN Women in Business Awards received a comprehensive number of entries across esteemed nations worldwide in its inaugural season.

“I am honored to be recognized as a Female Executive of the Year,” says Julie Rezek. “Special thanks to TITAN Business Awards and my incredible team at Advata for their dedication to working to make healthcare smarter. Congratulations to all TITAN Women In Business Award winners!”

The TITAN Women in Business Awards, organized by the International Awards Associate (IAA), honors outstanding accomplishments across international female entrepreneurs, executives, female-led departments/teams, SMEs, and large organizations, alike. 

“As we progress forward beyond the business industry, I am exultant to be in the presence of extraordinary symbols that have displayed sheer excellence,” said Thomas Brandt, IAA spokesperson. “We have only tapped the surface of this vast community, and alongside our grand juries, we strive to uncover these possibilities going into the future.”

Julie Rezek’s winning entry for the 2022 TITAN Women in Business Awards can be viewed here.


About TITAN Women in Business Awards

The TITAN Women in Business Awards program recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates women with outstanding achievements, displaying personal calibers of confidence, optimism, ambition, and integrity in the ever-expansive business industry; at the same time carrying monumental impacts with their roles as executives, leaders, supervisors, and business owners. Branching out from the TITAN Business Awards, the TITAN Women in Business Awards envisions a community that encompasses nominations from all countries, while serving as a platform that promotes the achievements of female individuals. To learn more, visit

About Advata Inc. 

Advata provides advanced data analytics software to improve decision-making and optimize administrative efficiencies in healthcare. Advata’s SaaS product offerings help healthcare providers capture more revenue and improve productivity by leveraging business intelligence, optimizing workflows, and reducing the time and cost to collect. The company’s revenue cycle management solutions are powered by predictive analytics, actionable artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation. To learn more, visit