Pricing Plans


We keep things simple by only having two set plans – our free trial, and the Professional plan. However, we know that every business is different, which is why we offer custom plans to meet your needs – just contact us or use the form to the right.



  • Two-week free trial
  • Limited to 250 downloads
  • Limited support


  • $75 / user / month
  • Limited to 750 downloads per month
  • Top-notch support


Need more downloads? Contact the Advata team so we can customize a plan that fits your needs.


Yes they are. After signing up and installing the extension to your Chrome browser, you can immediately conduct searches for people, places, or job titles. From that point it’s simple; click “Add Prospect” and they will appear in your database.

Currently we have direct integration into and are working to ease the process to export to any CRM you may use. But have no fear, downloading a list is just as easy. After a few quick clicks, your new list of fresh leads can be downloaded from the app into an excel sheet to use at your convenience.

Yes. When in the process of registering for the application, select the desired number of users. After signing up, you are the team administrator. There will be an invitation box in the bottom left hand corner of the application. Add the emails of your team members and they will receive an invitation to create an account and join you on the app.

Absolutely. To conduct a Google search, simply click on the extension in your browser, the prospects name, company name, or job title and click “Search on LinkedIn”. It will open a Google search with lists of profiles to add to your database.

To search on LinkedIn directly, simply login and type the name of the person or company you are looking for. As long as you are logged into the Advata application, it will appear on the right hand side of your screen allowing you to add leads to your database.

Yes. To make different list and easily organize your leads, just create a folder in the application and move the desired leads to that folder. For even easier organization, create a folder on the extension, and add leads directly into that folder from the start.

We want to make prospecting easy. No more hunting and digging to find the right contact and the right number, therefore searches will obtain phone numbers, emails, addresses, job titles, Twitter handles, LinkedIn pages, and even previous work history.

Good question. A company is just as important as a person. Advata provides the companies industry, location, number of employees, company revenue, phone number, website, LinkedIn Pages, and number of LinkedIn followers.

When you sign up for a 2-week trial you will receive all the features that you would with a regular subscription. The only difference is the limitation on the data that can be obtained. With the trial you are able to add as many prospects as you would like to the database, however you will be limited to a max of 250 downloads/exports and have limited support, but will be able to use all the features.

Once the Trial ends, auto-renew will kick in and start your Unlimited subscription. Form that point you will have unlimited access to download and build as many lists as you please, with top-notch support from the Advata team. But have no fear, three days before the end of the trial we will send an email notifying you there will be an auto-renew, if you do not wish to continue on the Advata journey, then just hit cancel before day 15.

Nope. At Advata we want to make list building easy. Therefore, if the process is not easy and you are not satisfied with our application, you are free to cancel at anytime without penalty. However, in that time if you have a suggestion on how we might be able to improve our process and keep as you part of the Advata family, we always do appreciate the feedback.

Signing up and payment is simple. We accept all major Credit/Debit cards.

Our Chrome extension is available for download on the Google Chrome Store. As for the application itself, at this time we are a fully managed web service, but if this is a feature you feel may be beneficial to your organization and others, feel free to submit a suggestion ticket and we will take it into consideration.