Prospecting Activities

Prospecting Activities


Sales are simple. Those who prospect more will make more sales. Those who spend more time doing account management and handling organizational matters will sell less. It is all a numbers game. The idea behind the madness is to have more numbers, or prospect. With larger lists and by performing more prospecting activities to more potential customers, you will end up selling more. So the question is, if a sales person can make more money by performing more prospecting activities to more people, then why doesn’t this happen 100% of the time? Well the answer is a two fold, fear of failure and not enough leads.

Failure is inevitable. You will not always be successful but with persistence there will be success. Each time you are in the sales process, you learn and are able to better hone your craft. I like to think of it as collecting “no,” the more times I hear no the better. Eventually I will cash in all those “no” answers for a “yes”. And once I hear a “yes” it means I have started to perfect my craft. The success will continue to snowball, as long as I continue to perform the activities at the same high level.

On the other end of the spectrum, not having enough data, there are ways to build out larger and more qualified lists. My favorite of these is the Advata Chrome Extension. With Advata, the numbers are never ending. The application gives the sales person the ability to build large custom lists that fit their prospecting needs. Rather than working the same dead list you have been for the past six months, you can build out a new list whenever one is needed. Advata provides strength in numbers and gives the sales person the tools to collect a handful “no” answers and cash them is for a “yes,” which just might be the largest sale you have ever made.

Happy Sales!

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