Advata's RCM Roadmap will show you the way to revenue.

How much revenue is trapped in your AR? In many organizations, 85% of accounts remain unworked, leaving 4% of financial value unrealized. The longer it sits there, the less likely you are to capture it.

Advata’s RCM Discovery Roadmap finds your best revenue capture opportunities to increase your net revenue by up to 1%. How? Robotic process automation will manage up to 50% of your AR processes so your staff can maximize their time focusing on the accounts that most need their attention. 

Let us help you automate your AR processes and maximize your collection.
Advata's RCM Roadmap will show you:
  • Percentage of your AR that can be automated, and how
  • Number of headcount you'll be able to redeploy on something else
  • The next recommended action on every account in your AR
  • The impact of automation on your AR

Ready for actionable insights that could improve your revenue by up to 1%?