Advata Smart AR ™

Capture More Cash Through Automation and Prioritization

Accounts receivable (AR) management is complex and time-consuming, typically leaving a big portion of it unworked. Advata Smart AR™ solution works 100% of your AR to capture more cash and improve your bottom line.




Advata analyzes your data to create a detailed roadmap showing you where your automation opportunities are and guide staff to optimize your AR. We’ll show you exactly where to focus to get more out of your AR and the fastest way to get there.



We are pioneers of machine learning and data science. But it’s not just about tech words like AI. It’s about you and what technology can do for you. That’s why we make sure we use the power of our technology to make your job as effective as possible. Because when healthcare runs more efficiently, patients’ lives improve.


Continuous Improvement

Smart AR is built on thousands of business rules derived from years of client experience. We’ll discover, develop, and improve your AR management through continuous analysis and daily staff guidance to drive an ongoing improvement cycle.

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Recover Millions From Your AR

Smart AR combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with robotic process automation (RPA) to automate low-value tasks and guide staff on where to focus to capture the $ trapped in your AR. With Advata, you can work 100% of your AR and increase your AR collections by up to 1% of your total net patient service revenue (NPSR). To date, Advata’s foundational technology has generated over $500M of NPSR benefit to its customers. Why work harder when you can work smarter.

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Discover the missing piece of your AR strategy

Get the full picture of how your AR is doing so you can take the right steps to improve your bottom line.


Our detailed roadmap will give you the following:

• An impartial recommendation of the top automation opportunities with quantified impact.
• Itemized recommendations of numerous manual work steps which can be eliminated.
• Specific cash improvement opportunities based on current AR and work steps not being performed.
• Detailed small balance strategy recommendations with quantified cash and cost improvement opportunities.

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