Staying Organized

Staying Organized

Data. There is so much of it in our CRMs. Hundreds or even thousands of names, numbers, and email addresses. It can be quite overwhelming. There are so many questions that you can ask yourself as well. For example: Should I organize by location? Number of employees? Revenue? Job titles? The questions are endless.

If you are asking yourself these questions then you have an unorganized CRM and you could be costing yourself money. Potential business is possibly getting lost in the mix of all your leads.

With the Advata app it is simple to organize your leads right from the start. It’s as easy as creating a folder, naming that folder based on how you want to organize your leads, and one-click adding the leads into that folder. Once your leads are in the Advata app it is even more convenient to categorize them. Within the Advata app you are able to categorize by Job Title, Location, Number of Employees, Company Revenue, and multiple other filters that allow you to create a list based on how you want to prospect. Just export your new list into the CRM that you use and now you already have a more organized, structured database.

As always, happy sales!

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