The Advata Story

The Advata Story

We’ve all been there, sitting at our desks making painful sales calls, lead after lead, simply letting time and potential lucrative opportunities slip through the cracks. Exhausted as we try to work our way past gatekeepers, only to find out the person we are calling for is the wrong decision maker. Do you ever wish you could simply build your own prospecting list, knowing you have confirmed decision makers and accurate contact information? I know my team did.

Working in the realm of sales and business development can be time consuming and stressful. When my team first stared in the industry the prospecting process made sense. You contact a lead generation company and they build you a list for a steep price. It is then your job to clean the list and get the decision makers on the phone.

It was my team’s regular routine for two years before we eventually became more and more irritated with not having accurate information for the prospects we were calling. Whether it was cold calls or cold emails, we spent far too much time working to sift through lists, finding what contacts were correct and those that were junk, when it would have been far better time spent actually selling our product. It seemed the more time we spent cleaning lists the less time we spent selling our products, and in turn the less sales we were able to make.

With the money clock always ticking it is painfully frustrating to waste precious hours from 9am to 5pm on no pay time activities, when you should spending that time on increasing your sales and ultimately your business. Finally, the madness reached a breaking point, our prospecting efforts were yielding too much wasted time and not nearly enough money for the work preformed. We needed a more efficient process. Knowing whom we wanted to reach out too, the problem that remained was obtaining accurate up to date information with out the hassle of using of an expensive lead generation company.

After brainstorming we realized we had access to all the information, we simply needed a way to compile it quickly and efficiently. Creating sales lead generation software would be the perfect solution to fix our problem. We dug our feet in and with a little elbow grease came up with a lead generation application that compiles the most Advanced Data to assist sales people in personalized, quick, and efficient list building, thus Advata was born.

With Advata, we want to empower our users to generate and customize their own lists. Advata makes it easy to simply type in a name, title, or company and add prospects to your list or export them directly into your CRM. With our free Chrome Extension we want to give you, the sales guru, the opportunity to do what you do best, sell. The application and extension give you the ability to quickly search for prospects and add a specific lead or multiple leads at a time to your database. Once you add the desired prospects and login to your account, the leads you selected will be in the system waiting for you to download and be added into your CRM.

Advata makes list building a snap. Check it out by simply downloading the free Chrome Extension and soon you will be on your way to quickly building accurate lists and closing colossal deals.

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